Social Media

Social Media, to us, extends beyond the traditional outlets. How cohesive is your brand? This includes everything from email signatures to Social Media sites. It’s PR, Marketing, Branding, Customer Service, and the content you share via Social sites. It’s linking Social properties, websites, reputable sources (i.e., Wikipedia, Yelp, etc.), and any other citations on the internet. What are you telling the internet about your brand? What is the internet saying about your brand? You have to have a cohesive online presence and good content in order to drive your brand forward.

We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.Erik Qualman

Content Curation

Branding/Logo Design

Creative Marketing Techniques

Social Sharing Integrations

Platform Creation and Maintenance

Social Media Analytics

Facebook Advertising

Photo/Video Editing

Email Marketing

Photo/Video of events, products or services to use for marketing purposes

Most services available à la carte or as a package. Contact us for pricing or to request a quote.

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