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We have an obsessive desire to tighten shit up. It started as a reoccurring theme that turned into a mantra and ultimately became one of our founding concepts. It extends beyond our work, and we apply it to everything we do. Our idea, like most great ideas, is born from uncertainty but with each step forward we gain momentum. We are “jumping off the cliff,” as Reid Hoffman famously said, “and assembling the plane on the way down.” The bumps and bruises along the way remind us to continue to improve our process. We don’t know what we are doing exactly and if everything goes right, we never will. One thing we do know is that SEO and Social Media are important to any brands online success. Hit us up, and maybe we can travel down this road together.

Good is the enemy of great.Milton Glaser

CT Agency | Brigitte Cooper

Brigitte Cooper


“SEO is bullshit.”

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CT Agency | Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor


“Social Media is a waste.”